Head Referee Team

Jesse “Captain Friendzone” Gundersen

Year/Major: I am currently not a major in the military, but I am taking Mechanical Engineering.

Favorite Dodgeball Memory: Beating Seun Olalekan in a 1v1 to stay in the match during my second Campus Cup year and defeating the number 1 seeded team during Playoffs. Winning the Campus Cup last year is a close second.

Who is your Dodgeball Crush: Probably the music.

Advice to first years: Don’t take it too seriously. Build some memories to be fond of and friendships to last your lifetime.

Marc Gagne

Year/Major: 21st year of being an ex-coolboy.

Favorite Dodgeball Memory: When I got to sit at the line more than one time.

Who is your Dodgeball Crush: My boy dial-up n@el.

Advice to first years: Make sure your doctor knows when the assassin gets the ball.

Justus Otto

Year/Major: 3rd-year Business Majoring in Finance.

Favorite Dodgeball Memory: Beating Kevin Roszell in a 1v1. First throw.

Who is your Dodgeball Crush: The girl reading this ;)<3

Advice to first years: Don’t talk about reserves.

Kimi Zhang

Year/Major: Majoring in Sports Coaching.

Favorite Dodgeball Memory: When I step on the line as a doctor.

Who is your Dodgeball Crush: Dad Garrett.

Advice to first years: DO NOT step on the line as a doctor and also git gud.

Wesley Ng

Year/Major: 2nd year Neuroscience.

Favorite Dodgeball Memory: Destroying Marc Gagne’s fantasy bracket.

Who is your Dodgeball Crush: People that call themselves out when in doubt.

Advice to first years: The real JP Cup is the friends that you made along the way.

Mitchell Wells

Year/Major: 2nd year Mining Engineering.

Favorite Dodgeball Memory: Beating some old guy in a 1v1 in Campus Cup to move on to the semis, also winning Campus Cup experienced division.

Who is your Dodgeball Crush: Marc GagMe for teaching my firsties dodgeball and coaching our team.

Advice to first years: To 4-11, don’t listen to Marc, he doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

Dillon “Full Time Beauty” Lang

Year/Major: 3rd year, 1st/2nd year B.Kin, Sports Performance Major.

Favorite Dodgeball Memory: Either teaming up with the old ZooMac team for last Campus Cup or throwing together my random Dodgefest team Full-Time Beauties last year.

Who is your Dodgeball Crush: All my former 5H children except Madison Chevalier cause she didn’t say that I was her dodgeball crush.

Advice to first years: Get balls deep, balls in the net and y’know, win some dodgeball games.

Cole Graham

Year/Major: 3rd year Geology.

Favorite Dodgeball Memory: Last year some first-year face-shotted me at the line while cycling and took my contact off my eye with the ball, it was great.

Who is your Dodgeball Crush: Liaison of the Year Dawit Fey(i)ssa or Strong Daddy Jordan McCarthy.

Advice to first years: Backboards are arguably more useful in Classic and Double Doctor.

Oluwadamilola Ayokunle Adeola Pelumi Abike Oruoki Oruki Adebayo

Year/Major: 5th year Chemical Engineering.

Favorite Dodgeball Memory: Hitting on Sink’s girlfriend at Dukes and not knowing Sink was dating her.

Who is your Dodgeball Crush: My child Nathan Smawley (the student has now become the master).

Advice to first years: Relax, dodgeball is just a game. Have fun (unless you’re going pro like me) and warm up properly.

Tav “the only girl Head Ref” Humphries

Year/Major: 2nd year Dental Hygiene (hopefully).

Favorite Dodgeball Memory: Accidentally killing myself as the Assassin…

Who is your Dodgeball Crush: My Sister Wife #1.

Advice to first years: Enjoy the good ol’ Tuckey tunes.

Conor Keaveny

Year/Major: 3rd year Business.

Favorite Dodgeball Memory: Losing AllStars two years in a row.

Who is your Dodgeball Crush: Gritty.

Advice to first years: Slam balls.

Billy Wirawan

Year/Major: 3rd year Business.

Favorite Dodgeball Memory: Somehow finishing third with my 6-10H team last year and almost breaking my back vs 5-9K in the semi-finals.

Who is your Dodgeball Crush: The soft white boiiii in the middle of every game. So sad when it gets forgotten.

Advice to first years: Please warm up before the games, and please go off even when you think it hit you. Let’s just say it makes my job much easier.

Kevin James Roszell, but my friends call me infrequently

Year/Major: I am a 21-year-old. Failed Lister degree.

Favorite Dodgeball Memory: Coming 4th the Paul Kane Invitational dodgeball tournament of 2015.

Who is your Dodgeball Crush: This person I buy flowers for once in a while, they was an AllStar a couple of times, once in Henday once in Schaffer. Heck they was even a captain of one of those teams. Now I see them seldom on days ending in Y.

Advice to first years: The best thing to do after a face shot is to wipe a hot rag on your face.

Garrett Johnston

Year/Major: 4th year Accounting.

Favorite Dodgeball Memory: Winning Campus Cup last year or playing in AllStars.

Who is your Dodgeball Crush: Sink for showing me that slowing things down is better (Mitch started the teaching, Sink polished it), or Gundy for reinforcing that sometimes you just gotta say screw it and play like a madman.

Advice to first years: Learn to throw properly and take care of your body, also if you have to look around wondering if you got hit, you got hit.

Sarman Bhullar

Year/Major: 4th year Major in long story “don’t fire my pls…”.

Favorite Dodgeball Memory: Being a reserve.

Who is your Dodgeball Crush: WAHAB’s left arm with HAN’s sidearm. Dream team <3.

Advice to first years: Find love. Take your time. Go for it, shoot your shot. Catch your backboards. Live yo life. BE NOICE.