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  • January 30, 2018 at 10:19 AM #20544

    What’s up everyone!

    Allstar letters have gone out and the teams have been made and I know a lot of people are feeling a bit bummed out that they didn’t make it. It’s okay to feel disappointed and not making it doesn’t mean you’re bad at dodgeball by any means. But if you are feeling down and feeling like you aren’t any good then there are a few things you can do to improve. Remember there’s still 3 months worth of dodgeball left. Plenty of time to improve if you want.

    1. Talk to your liaison!
    Your liaison is a great person to ask for advice on how you can improve your playing. They have general tips that can help any shagger or thrower out, but they also have personal advice for you based off of your playing style and how you play with the team. Listening to them can be a huge help. As well other upper years can also give advice and have tips for playing.

    2. Practice, Practice, Practice!
    There is no substitute for playing dodgeball so it’s hella important to practice. Going to drop ins are a excellent way of improving, as they give you a chance to practice different throws, different ways of shagging, throwing at different people, and dodging different arms, all of which can help improve your game. Team practices are also very helpful. You can talk to your liaison about this and get practice working with your team and trying different positions. Take the time in your games to use what you’ve learned as well. When warming up your arm, work your accuracy and power. When warming up shagging, try new ways of sweeping or dodging. The best way is to simply just get experience.

    3. Watching and Learning!
    A final way that could help you improve is to watch the best. Go watch games (both regular and All-star games) and see how the best play. Watch what they do, how they play on the court, how they work with their team. Then try that out if it fits for you. Improving shagging and throwing form is really helped with this.

    I hope this all helps someone and that I didn’t put anything dumb.
    Have a good day and good luck on your games!

    2016-2017 // 9-10 Mackenzie
    2017-2018 // 7-10 Mackenzie Assistant Captain
    2018-2018 // ChaliM8

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