Seeding Tournament


The seeding tournament is the first tournament where all LDL players play with their teams to determine their placements in the League. The seeding tournament has been done differently year to year, last year having it run as a single elimination tournament with weighted rankings dependent on whether the team you lost to made it very far or not.

This year, teams will be playing three games of three matches, the game styles being Classic, Doctor and Double Doctor. You will play a game of Rock-Paper-Scissors to determine the sequence of the games. Winners of the first round of the seeding tournament will then play each other, while those who have lost will also play the other losing teams of the first round. This will continue for the next two rounds where eventually teams will have a record for the three games they played. The teams that win 3-0 in their seeding tournament run will be placed into Division 1. The teams who have a 2-1 record but lost to the 3-0 teams will be placed into Division 2, and this trend will continue so that the teams who lose all three of their seeding tournament games will be in Division 8.

This tourney will then determine the skill level that you will be playing at throughout the year! Do not worry if you are not a 3-0 winning team, or even a 0-3 losing team, since your team will always be improving throughout the regular season to climb the ladder and make it far into playoffs!
Give it your all, and most importantly have fun!