Dodgefest is the annual charity dodgeball tournament held by the Lister Hall Student’s Association in associating with the Lister Dodgeball League, where all proceeds go to Kidsport.

Kidsport is a charity that gives youths who have a love for sport, but cannot participate freely due to financial barriers, the chance to enjoy what many of us hold for granted. Dodgefest is one of the longest running events to donate it’s proceeds to Kidsport and the tournament itself often brings some of the best dodgers that have ever graced the halls of Lister back to the David Tuckey, which in turn leads to some of the most interesting and exciting dodgeball! Dated strategies where everyone posts for the doctor, throws hard enough to crack the walls, and shaggers with the athletic capabilities of Olympians are just a few of the things that are often seen at Dodgefest!