Campus Cup

Campus Cup is the annual, university-wide dodgeball tournament put on and run by the Students’ Union. It involves 48 coed teams that are pit against each other over a weekend as they strive to win the elusive Campus Cup; an impressive trophy that towers over 4 feet tall. Although there is a physical trophy awarded to the playoff champions, the tournament itself is founded on the intentions of fun, fair-play, sportsmanship, and campus community.

Teams can be submitted by any area of the University of Alberta, be they student, staff, or alumni.

Campus Cup began as a collaboration between the Students’ Union, Lister Dodgeball League, Residence Halls AssociationOffice of the Dean of Students, Alumni Association, and Campus Recreation as a tournament to expose dodgeball to the greater University community while simultaneously creating hype for the first Break the Record attempt. It has since morphed into the annual event that is open to everyone in someway connected to the University of Alberta. As long as the university has an interest of dodgeball, Campus Cup will be around to fulfill that need!

Why you should enter a team


Whether you played it last week, or haven’t played since elementary, dodgeball remains an incredibly easy game to get into! The rules are simple, the game is fun, and every single person can become a hero as they dodge, duck, dip, dive, and dodge their way past the arsenal of opponent’s volleys. Every player cannot help but walk off the court with a smile on their face.

Campus Cup provides an excellent opportunity for friends to have fun over a weekend, student groups to engage in bonding, or coworkers to let their hair down outside of work hours. Prizes are not only given to the winners of the playoffs, they are also awarded to teams that exhibit the best fair play and sportsmanship and have the best cheers. This year’s Campus Cup guarantees every team at least three matches in the round robin, with the possibility for more matches as the playoff bracket gets filled out. It also guarantees every team the ability to have custom t-shirts made for the tournament to last as a unique memento for the event. Finally, it guarantees a well-run, organized tournament with prizing, sportsmanship, and the ability to mingle with fellow members of the University community. So grab 13 of your nearest friends, team-mates, classmates, teachers, or co-workers and submit a team as soon as you can!

Registration Package

You can pick up a registration package from the SU Main Offices (2-900 SUB), the LDL Offices (002C Mackenzie Hall), or from any InfoLink stations.


We need your help to make Campus Cup happen! Sign up to be a tournament referee to help us out. You do not need any past dodgeball refereeing experience.

Find out more information and sign up here.