Welcome To The League

Think about the most awesome experience you have ever had. Now make it 16 weeks long, throw in all of your new floor-mates, and welcome to the Lister Dodgeball League! The LDL is one of the most cherished aspects of any Listerites’ experience within these walls. You may have just moved into Lister Hall, but have probably already heard the following words: “dodgeball”, “face shots”, “drop-in”, and maybe even “AllStars”, thrown around. There’s probably a person on your floor specifically assigned to enthusiastically promote the LDL. It’s all warranted. Some of you may have doubts about the game or joining the league. I must admit, when I first moved in, I was apprehensive. I heard whispers around Lister of “the dodgeball league” and pushed it to the back of my mind. “Maybe I will join”. It did not take long for the “maybe” to turn into an “of course”. As soon as my captain signed me up, I was excited to play! Six years later, I still have that same feeling!

This isn’t your average dodgeball league though. We left that behind in junior high. The Lister Dodgeball League is special in the fact that it can be whatever you make it. A more heightened, strategic, but at the same time chaotic version of your high school game. A great way to get some exercise and de-stress from studying. Or even just a fun hour doing something with your floor together. The league is made up of over 1000 players on 30+ teams each playing towards the all anticipated Jon Paul Cup playoff series. Jon Paul Cup? Basically the Stanley Cup of Dodgeball. NHL All-Star weekend? Yeah, that happens too! But over a weeklong tournament between the towers complete with skills competition!

And it is not just Lister Hall that loves dodgeball. The love of the game encompasses the entire campus and the UofA community. Want proof? The UofA has been in a year to year battle with other schools around the world for the Guinness World Record for the Largest Game of Dodgeball ever played. The UofA has held the record 3 different times, the most recent being after the 2012 game in which we had 4979 players playing at once! That being said, Lister dodgeball is something only Listerites would consider a real, intense sport. But that’s what makes it special. Having something that you can take as your own because you are part of this tight-knit community and league. The team you put together with your floor automatically becomes super close, and within weeks, you are working together as one cohesive unit. You make some of your closest friends through dodgeball.

The feelings you get during the game are always changing. You get super excited, but you have to remain calm. It could be your time to shine. Risk or no risk? You have the ball but oh wait, here comes one zooming at your head from out of nowhere! It’s amazing!!

If you are still not totally convinced that dodgeball is an integral part of Lister life, then I invite you to sit in on some seeding tournament matches in the Tuckey in the coming weeks, just to see what the fuss is all about. In the end though, its almost impossible to explain what exactly makes the LDL so awesome or what it means to everyone. But within this conundrum, we may have found our answer. The LDL, and dodgeball, in general, is everything to everyone. That is the LDL’s motto. Its something that takes skill, but literally anyone can play it! It’s dodgeball. It’s a welcoming sport based around the passion of the community and in that way, it’s awesome!

Also, it’s pretty fun!

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