The Dos and Dont’s of Dodgeball

In Lister, dodgeball is the talk wherever you go! Whether you are a first-year rookie or a fourth-year old ball, here are some things you should always have in mind to get the most out of your dodgeball experience.

Do stuff to be involved

The dodgeball community is a beautiful thing and there are numerous ways to stay engaged in it. The passion of the dodgeball community is not restricted to the Tuckey and has gone as far as forums. These forums range from finding drop in times to talking about new strategies and star players to look out for. Create an account on this website and join in on the talk!

Don’t belittle other teams

It is inevitable that there are splits in skill level between teams. Being on a good team does not mean you are superior to anyone in any way. The minute you start seeing yourself higher than everyone else is the minute everyone else will see you as that arrogant asshole in the league. Don’t be that person! Anti-tower cheers are another way that makes you stick out for the worse. Don’t initiate them, don’t be part of them. If you think about it, Lister isn’t Harry Potter. There is no sorting hat that magically places you in a tower based on your personality. You literally could have ended up anywhere so don’t belittle another tower when, in reality, that could have been your tower!

Do as your enthusiastic returners do

There’s a reason Lister has such a high number of returning applicants each year. Returners love their dodgeball and part of that love comes from experience. Your returners are a basket of knowledge and fun tidbits so listen to their advice. Their advice could make the difference between becoming an AllStar shagger or an easy target. For the most part, they know what they are talking about. Go watch some high profile games with your returners and don’t be afraid to ask questions when watching. “Who’s that guy with a canon wearing gold shorts?!” If you don’t know the answer to that, go ask a returner.

Don’t miss out on your chance to meet new people

You will meet your closest friends through dodgeball. Drop-in is one of the best ice breaker imaginable. Personally, I met one of my closest friends at drop in when she got us double killed. Don’t be afraid to start up with a conversation with someone sitting on the bench beside you as you’re both waiting for a new game. Even in the middle of the gym works too; “You got shamed? I got shamed! Let’s be friends!”

Don’t talk back to refs

When a ref calls you out, you are out. Doesn’t matter if you are a 1000% sure that ball did not touch you, you are out! The only person that can change a call that a side ref makes is the Head Referee in charge of that game. If you start arguing with the side ref on a particular call, the Head Ref will not give you a second chance and will kick your ass out of the gym! You will look like an ass, you will look like a cheater and you potentially could get suspended for a game or two. All in all, do not talk back to the refs, not worth it!

Do things that would make your floor proud

There are a lot of simple things you can do to make your floor proud to have you as a player. Being a good sport is as simple as calling yourself out even if no one else saw it, not being a douche spectator on the benches and even helping put balls back on the line between games. Be that player on your team, the one that helps out side-reffing, the player that is always smiling and excited to come out to dodgeball! Sportsmanship is one of the Four Pillars of the LDL, make it your number one priority to stand by that pillar!

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