Power Rankings 1.0

Compiled by : Tyson Pidsadowski

Please keep in mind this is my own personal opinion about where each team stands overall. If you disagree with where I have certain teams placed or you think there are other teams that deserve a spot on the list, let your opinion be heard!

  1. 3-12 Schäffer – 4-0 (Notable Wins: 2-3H, 8S, 6-11S)

The best team in Lister right now. Period. This team boasts some downright scary throwers and a shag line that features many talented second and third year players.  They put a target on their back by winning Seeding Tournament and every team in the Campbell Conference will be gunning for them. Hopefully, they can avoid letdowns that have plagued previous winners of seeding tournament.

  1. 5-10 Schäffer – 2-1 (Notable Wins: 7-9S, 5-9K. Losses: 1M)

Had probably the toughest schedule coming out of Seeding Tournament having to play two very strong teams in the first 3 weeks of regular season play. That being said, they are still a force to be reckoned with. They have stacks of upper year throwers that have done a good job of teaching their first-years how to play the game. Having played them during seeding tournament, I’ve seen first hand just how deadly this team can be.

  1. 7-9 Schäffer – 2-1 (Notable Wins: 1M. Losses: 5-10S)

In my opinion, this could be the team to watch this year. They are absolutely loaded with talent across the board and have picked up the game quite quickly. May have taken a tough loss to 5-10S in week 2, but if they refine some aspects of their game and don’t get overconfident in their abilities, the sky is the limit for this team.

  1. 1 Mackenzie – 3-1 (Notable Wins: 5-10S. Losses: 7-9S)

I originally didn’t have 1 Mac ranked this high, but a massive (and somewhat surprising) win over 5-10S shot them up the list. Having the SRAs playing with them adds a ton of leadership that instantly makes them a threat early in the year.  They will need to continue to develop as a team in order to maintain their spot in the top 4 or other teams will be right on their heels trying to overtake them in the rankings.

  1. 8 Schäffer – 2-1 (Notable Wins: None. Losses: 3-12S)

This team has impressed me a lot in how well they were able to pick up the game as a whole. They are very solid as a unit and their teamwork has been able to carry them to a lot of success early in the year, add in some strong leadership from their second years and you have a recipe for a successful team. Despite dropping a hard-fought game to 3-12S, they are poised to continue their strong start to the next stage of the season.

  1. 2-3 Henday – 2-1 (Notable Wins: None. Losses: 3-12S)

A combination of some talented first-year players and some savvy second years to provide leadership has 2-3H off to a hot start during seeding tournament. They took a nasty beating at the hands of 3-12S during the second week of the season which dropped them down a couple of places in my rankings. It will be interesting to see if they will be able to put this loss behind them, or if their confidence is shaken.

  1. 1/2-4 Schäffer – 3-0 (Notable Wins: 3M, 6-11S)

After a poor showing during Seeding Tournament, this team has gotten hot to start the regular season scoring big victories over both 6-11S and 3M. They still have ways to go before they reach the upper tier of the league, but if they continue to progress, they could be one of the deadliest teams by the end of the year.

  1. 3 Mackenzie – 3-1 (Notable Wins: None. Losses: 1/2-4S)

After a hot start in seeding tournament, the first part of their season has been a little up and down. A couple nice wins surrounding and tough loss in the middle places them towards the lower end of the top ten for this round of Power Rankings. As they start to develop more, I can see them working their way up a few places in the rankings.

  1. Main Dungeon Henday – 3-1 (Notable Wins: None. Losses: 10K)

Placing many of the LHSA VP’s on the same floor, you knew that team was going to be good, but I don’t think anyone expected them to be this good. After a decent showing in seeding, MDH has done nothing but dominant teams through the first part of the season. We’ll see if they can keep this up when they face some of the top teams in the league or if they will start to fall off.

  1. 6-11 Schäffer – 2-2 (Notable Wins: None. Losses: 3-12S, 1/2-4S)

Six Schäffer teams in the top 10 you ask? That’s correct! This team had a solid run in seeding and after a slight misstep in week 1, they are refocused and poised to do some damage. With a lineup that boasts some strong (but sometimes overconfident) first years, some really solid second years and a mediocre Liaison from 6 Schäffer, they will need to work hard to keep up with the strongest teams in the very deep Campbell Conference.

On The Bubble

10 Kelsey: A team that has been on a similar path as 1/2-4S in terms of starting slow and then heating up. After a signature win versus MDH, they fall just outside the top 10 at this stage of the season, but look for them to make the jump up the standings if they are able to keep this roll going into the next few weeks.

5 Mackenzie: Just missing out on the top ten, 5 Mac has been off to a decent start in the 2017-2018 season. They’ve been winning games, but their victories haven’t been spectacular. They will need to pick up the pace a little in the coming weeks to jump into the Top 10.

4 Mackenzie: A team that is a similar situation to 5 Mac in that they have been doing well at the start of the year, they just haven’t impressed me enough to warrant a spot in the Top 10. If they can continue to play solid and improve their team play, they could potentially overtake some of the teams ahead of them, but for now, they’ll have to settle for a spot on the bubble.

5-9 Kelsey: Off to a sluggish start this year, but a team that has a lot of potential to be very good once they figure out how to play as a team. If they are able to get this aspect of their game figured out, they could potentially be a team to run away from in the later stages of the year. Time will tell if they are successful at developing their team chemistry.

9 Henday: Rounding out this version of the Power Rankings is 9 Henday. A team that I hadn’t really noticed in the early going, but they’ve caught my attention recently. They have put together a nice little streak to start the year and if they can keep their run going, could find their way further up the rankings later on this year.

2 Mackenzie: A team that people continue to underestimate, PooMac continues to ‘upset’ teams. After a rough first week again 1M, this team has beat both 4M and 5-9K. With a group of underrated returners, and first years who are getting better this team could be one to watch in the coming weeks.

*Rankings based on games up to October 7th.


Tyson Pidsadowski, or also known by his nickname as “Horse Daddy” is a second-year resident of Schaffer Hall. After starting off his Lister Dodgeball career by helping lead 1/2 Schaffer to an improbable victory in the first round of playoffs in 2016-2017 LDL season, he has moved off the ground floor and now lives on 6 Schaffer as their Liaison. Tyson is best known for his inability to take a good dodgeball photo, becoming a chitter meme multiple times, and looking like a lost puppy every time his plays dodgeball. If you see him hanging around the Tuckey, come say hello (he’s a relatively nice guy).

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