Power Rankings 1.0

Hi, my name is Ethan Gertken and I’m the liaison for Chali 5. I am in my 2nd year of engineering and was on 6 Schäffer last year. I’m Michael Thiel, the liaison on 9 Henday. I’m a 2nd year in (earth) sciences, and in my first year, I lived on 8 Kelsey.

These are our picks for the top 10 teams in the LDL as of Week 5. We’d like to remind everyone that these are power rankings, and as such, aren’t an objective look at the standings. Rather, they’re our opinions on where each team is relative to each other (we did use the standings to inform some of our decisions, but they weren’t always the deciding factor for placement).

We’re looking forward to seeing some of these teams play each other. Cheers!

  1. 3-1/2 Schäffer

I’m sure everyone is surprised at this ranking. Realistically, though, they’re just too all-around good to put anywhere else. Their shagline is incredible to watch, their throwers take out the other team’s shaglines quickly, and they seem to collectively have good court awareness. Their biggest problem is that they have too many corners – that is, too many people who play like they’re playing in corner, which has caused problems where a shagline has 3 throwers on it before the other team has even left the line. Still, that’s very minor compared to the rest of their game, which is why they’re easily #1 right now.

  1. Main-8 Chalifoux

M8C’s strength lies in how they play – straightforward. Most of the team knows exactly when they should be where, and their court awareness wins them games against teams that get caught at the line. They’re probably the best team in the league at capitalizing on the other team’s mistakes, and this early on, when people are still learning some of the nuances of the game, that’s an extremely valuable asset. If their throwers and shaggers continue to develop individually, M8C could definitely take the top spot from 3-½.

  1. 7-12 Schäffer

7-12’s first-year throwers have developed incredibly quickly, and their floor has a great throwline as a result. They’re quite good at both cycling and getting out shaggers, making their team effective offensively. Their shagline is pretty good at supporting each other, and their consistent sweeps especially help the team out greatly. However, their biggest flaw is a lot of their players overextend at the line and get hit as a result. For the same reasons, I think 7-12 is definitely not a doctor-focused team, because they tend to give up high kills. Make no mistake, though – they’re one of the best classic teams in Lister.

  1. 6 Chalifoux

6C’s ability to pick off other teams caught at the line makes them a huge threat at this stage of the season. Their team seems to know exactly when to take the line, and when combined with good shagging and throwing all around, gives them a solid game in both classic and doctor. Their leadership is similarly good, and with a little more coordination, they could definitely become the premier doctor team.

  1. 5 Schäffer

Although 5S is often quite the chaotic team to watch, they have managed to battle their way to the third spot in Deboer. With great second year leadership and the first-year potential, their throwline picks off shaggers quickly and their shaggers don’t die very easily. 5S could be one of the best teams in the conference right now, but they still need to improve on playing a calmer game. They’ve definitely got the makings of a very good team in all aspects, so long as they play a little smarter.

  1. 6-9 Kelsey

The throwers on 6-9K get shaggers out very quickly, which then leads into a cycle and usually a win, because 6-9K can keep a cycle going for a long time. However, in doctor, the team’s hotheadedness can sometimes cost them high kills. Once they sort out the issue of dying high so often, 6-9K should become a solid, well-rounded team.

  1. MD-2 Henday

I’d put MDH-2H as being the best team in Henday right now. Their shagline is solid, and their throwers are pretty good at cycling – they just need to hit the shaggers first, which seems to be their major problem. MDH-2H is more comfortable at classic – the team has a much better grasp on the finer aspects of classic than doctor, and it’s harder to find a situation in doctor where the team can put the good backwall arms to use. If they start getting back from the line faster and together, their doctor game should improve greatly.

  1. 8-10 Kelsey

The shagline on 8-10K has certainly stood out. They started sliding early, and now they’re already help-shagging consistently – there aren’t very many balls rolling back after they’re thrown at. Their throwline isn’t particularly weak, either (with special mentions to their corners, who really know when to take the line), but they seem to stay at the line a bit too long, after which they’re forced to retreat and essentially throw balls away. In terms of doctor and classic, they seem comfortable in either, making them a solid all-around team.

  1. 5-6 Henday

On paper, 5-6H is probably one of the best teams in the league, with impressive first year throwers and shaggers as well as a lot of talented returners. While they’ve been performing well enough, their biggest flaw is that they lack the cohesion needed to really shine as a team. They tend to have one side of their throwers get caught at the line, and their shaggers are individually very good but aren’t always help shagging when they’re not being thrown at. Still, 5-6H definitely has a lot of potential, and I look forward to seeing them develop.

  1. 4-11 Schäffer

4-11 is definitely a doctor team. That’s not to say they’re not good at classic, but their solid throwline and slightly less than solid dodginess overall makes them much better suited to doctor. Reinforcing their very good doctor game is their corners, who are extremely scary to go up against and often cause the opposing team to misplay. Once the team begins playing as in-tandem as the other top teams, they’ll be a team to look out for.

Honourable Mentions

7 Chalifoux: Individually great, but need to play as a team more.

9 Henday: Good overall, but need to improve on getting kills during a cycle.

3 Kelsey: Really good throwline, but not particularly outstanding anywhere else.

10 Henday: Solid teamwork, but tend to play too passively, especially in doctor games.

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