Meet Your AllStars : Mackenzie

Mathew Johnson

Hometown: Didsbury, Alberta Program: Once upon a time Biochemistry. Now adulthood Dodgeball Crush(s): Jake’s ankle – Jk that’s weird. Dylan’s hair or Simranjit’s doctor pop (read: muffin) Favourite Dodgeball Memory: When Jake broke his ankle with JUST enough time to recover before AllStars.

Brendan Gunderson

Hometown: Lacombe Program: Electrical Engineering Dodgeball Crush(s): Matty J Favourite Dodgeball Memory: Getting team killed at the line in doctor

Alexander Granley

Hometown: Airdrie, AB Program: Mechanical Engineering Dodgeball Crush(s): All the old 8 Schaffer kids Favourite Dodgeball Memory: Winning JP Cup last year with 8-11 Schaff <3

Katelyn Ritchie

Hometown: I’d like to think that I am a free spirit not labelled by where I was born and raised, but alas if I must tell you I will start at the beginning: It was the Christmas of 1996 when my parents were travelling to Atlantida Uruguay, they had decided to go there spontaneously to escape relatives during the holidays. They ran around the city looking for a place to stay when they stumbled upon a small Bed&Breakfast, if you have ever seen Marley&Me I expect the evening went something like John and Jenny’s honeymoon in Ireland. Anyways in a short 9 months later mama Ritchie was pregnant as could be with me! Now this doesn’t quite answer the question as to where I was born? Well if you look on my birth certificate it will say North Korea/South Korea since mother gave birth to me over borders, but that’s a story for another time. Program: If you know me well you know I am a HUGE family person, my sisters and I are really close! Back when I was in grade 5 my family and I travelled to the beaches of Hawaii. One lazy afternoon we were just hanging around the hotel room, taking turns watching the ocean for any signs of whales, when Jess and I started wrestling. Now being the older and more mature sibling I obviously had to prove my dominance, so I put her head in a leg lock and farted on her face. Im taking Chemistry and Math. Dodgeball Crush(s): Always and forever Dan Boghici Favourite Dodgeball Memory: The story I am about to tell you is one which has never been breathed to another soul. My dodgeball team from first year has been sworn to secrecy to protect the identity of this individual, after asking permission Alexander Jonathon Stahl has allowed me to share this story with the world. One night Alex came banging on my bedroom door demanding I get dressed in dodgeball gear and head down to the tuckey. I didn’t really understand what was happening since I was so fricken mad about being woken up! When I arrived the rest of the floor was already warming up throwing balls around or stretching off to the side. I stormed toward Alex asking what the hell was going on, he looked at me and said we were about to make history. The lights in the gym flickered off and the doors to the tuckey opened on command, I kid you not when I say that my dodgeball team was about to face the monsters from Space Jam. I looked at Alex but he merely winked at me and transformed into Michael Jackson, I was hoping for Michael Jordan but you get what you get. It was 2 all during game 5 with Alex/Michael Jackson and I were the last ones standing on our team. There was 30s to go and we were horribly out numbered. I was retrieving balls from the back wall when Alex/Michael Jackson was hit by a sneaky cross from left corner, I ran to him but it was too late. I as the last one standing. I grabbed a ball and looked at my team, I knew I was there only chance for victory. I closed my eyes and threw with all my might. The ball bounced from one shagger to the next, hitting arms left and right and by the time the buzzer sounded, we had won. I was the A.L.L.S.T.A.R

Cole Graham

Hometown: Irma, Alberta Program: Geology Dodgeball Crush(s): Either #GetBradLaid or RA Jordan McCarthy Favourite Dodgeball Memory: This one time when I was side reffing last year, Garrett Johnston face-shotted me really hard and I have never felt more blessed.

Dawit Feyissa

Hometown: Fort st. John Program: Physical Science Dodgeball Crush(s): Arden Bodnar, Jordan McCarthy Favourite Dodgeball Memory: All the practices and games I played with my 2 Mac team, from getting team killed 3 times in one game to stepping over the line while playing assassin,  the easy games we lost, to the hard and upsetting games we won, watching everyone improve, having lots of fun and loving the game of dodgeball is my favourite dodgeball memory.

Prerak Shah

Hometown: Calgary Program: Biochemistry Honors Dodgeball Crush(s): Joaquin C and Vacdaddy Favourite Dodgeball Memory: Watching my liaison headshot some dude in a 1v1. That was my first time seeing the hype in dodgeball

Dylan Vaclavik

Hometown: Daysland Program: Mechanical engineering Dodgeball Crush(s): Evvy stew 😍😍😍 Favourite Dodgeball Memory: beating 8 schaff

Liam Darbellay

Hometown: Calgary Program: Immunology Dodgeball Crush(s): Andres Jimenez and Isabella Molinelli Favourite Dodgeball Memory: Wearing a dress as doctor during Ivanhoe

Stephanie Seo

Hometown: Fort St. John Program: Bsc Biology Major Dodgeball Crush(s): Dylan Vaclavik Favourite Dodgeball Memory: One time I was playing dodgeball, for SOME REASON my brain thought it’d be a good idea to catch this ball being thrown at my face instead of being a normal person and dodging it. Well it hit my face. But I also caught the ball right as that happened. So I just held the ball on my face for 5 seconds as my lips were tingling in pain. It was really hype though and I got to become a dodgeball for 5 seconds so that was really cool.

Anastasia Sizov

Hometown: Calgary

Program: Neuroscience

Dodgeball Crush(s): Joaquin Calderon

Favourite Dodgeball Memory: One time during a game I slid out of the way of a ball, but ended up sliding right in front of a running thrower! He ended up tripping over me and it was a mess but most importantly the ball didn’t hit either of us so all worth it in the end.

Muzi Tan

Hometown: Enshitujiazumiaozuzizhizhou, China Program: Science Dodgeball Crush(s): Too many Favourite Dodgeball Memory: None

Jacob Barron

Hometown: Stony Plain Program: Engineering Dodgeball Crush(s): All of 4Mac  <3 Favourite Dodgeball Memory: Any doctor game I’ve made it through without getting hit

Jake Erwin

Hometown: Cobble Hill B.C. Program: Science Dodgeball Crush(s): The Original Vac Daddy Favourite Dodgeball Memory: 2017 Allstar Tournament

Aaron Pankratz

Hometown: Saskatoon, SK Program: Engineering Dodgeball Crush(s): Atul Kumar Favourite Dodgeball Memory: Any game that I didn’t immediately die at the line going for a ball.

Mitchell Wells

Hometown: Calgary Program: Engineering Dodgeball Crush(s): Schaffer backup allstar doctor Ryan Booker Favourite Dodgeball Memory: Winning Campus Cup

Brianna Lee Chevalier

Hometown: Fort St. John, BC Program: Engineering Dodgeball Crush(s): Wendy, Muzi, Tèa, Dylan Favourite Dodgeball Memory: Campus Cup, playing with some friends and somehow winning the experienced division while having a good time.

Sam Ducholke

Hometown: Stony Plain Program: Engineering Dodgeball Crush(s): Evy Daddy Favourite Dodgeball Memory: Getting squeezed out of dodgefest in two games..

Wenrun Tian

Hometown: China Program: Kinesiology Dodgeball Crush(s): Ahzam Ahmad Favourite Dodgeball Memory: At the beginning of the year, one of my firsties tried to save the doctor behind him from the shame ball by opening his arms and let the shame ball hits his chest. I laughed so hard and forgot to shag balls.

Allie Zabudsky

Hometown: Oakville, ON Program: Arts Dodgeball Crush(s): 7 Mac allstar doctor Amani Johma & 10 Mac allstar thrower Vic Rosenberger Favourite Dodgeball Memory: Amani Johma playing doctor & Vic Rosenberger throwing

Amani Jomha

Hometown: Edmonton Program: Education Dodgeball Crush(s): 7mac Liaison Allie Zabudsky Favourite Dodgeball Memory: 7-10mac winning their one(1) game

Frank Zhang

Hometown: Calgary Program: Bsc in Kinesiology Dodgeball Crush(s): Hit me Harder and my right hand Favourite Dodgeball Memory: When Ashynn dies high every doctor game

Conor Keaveny

Hometown: Slave Lake Program: Business Dodgeball Crush(s): Eric Schmidt Favourite Dodgeball Memory: Going undefeated and winning it all in dodgefest with Schmidt Livestock

Marissa Gell

Hometown: CALGARY Program: Arts Dodgeball Crush(s): The shame ball. It doesn’t get enough love! Favourite Dodgeball Memory: Campus Cup

Victoria Rosenberger

Hometown: High Level, AB Program: BSc. in Kinesiology  DON’T LEAVE OUT THE BSc! I take physics instead of soccer dammit! Dodgeball Crush(s): Allstar corner from 7 Mac Allie Zabudsky and that crazy shagger from 11 Mac 😀 Favourite Dodgeball Memory: Campus Cup this year was the best. Especially when we thought we were unbeatable then lost the next four games…

Darby Burns

Hometown: St. Albert Program: Undeclared arts Dodgeball Crush(s): Jacob Jahn Favourite Dodgeball Memory: Dodgefest back to back 1 v 1 wins

Kevin Bae

Hometown: Busan, Korea Program: Engineering Dodgeball Crush(s): Everyone who supports mackenzie❤❤ GO MACCCCC Favourite Dodgeball Memory: When Darby Burns carried our dodgefest team in both 1v1s

George Harris

Hometown: Calgary Program: Engineering Dodgeball Crush(s): Matt Johnson Favourite Dodgeball Memory: When Isaac Besse killed an already dead doctor, point blank, as the doctor was walking up to sit in the middle of the gym.

Angela Reyes

Hometown: Airdrie, Alberta Program: Kinesiology Dodgeball Crush(s): Jamaine Vilan, the best corner on 5-9K and the best Mackenzie All Star thrower Victoria Rosenberger Favourite Dodgeball Memory: My favourite dodgeball memory is during the 5v5 tournament when Nick team killed Calvin, but the ball bounced off of Calvin and hit him so he also team killed himself

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