Meet Your AllStars : Kelsey

Sydney May

Hometown: Sherwood Park, AB Program: Business Majoring in HR Dodgeball Crush(s): If I say Marc Gagne and Ashley Gilliland does that give me extra brownie points? Favourite Dodgeball Memory: That one time I dodged a ball

Michael Moon

Hometown: Trail, BC Program: BSc Basket Weaving major Dodgeball Crush(s): My dodgeball crush is and always will be Jonny Chow. I still wear his sleeve in hopes I can one day throw like him. Favourite Dodgeball Memory: My favourite memory is playing for the Mackenzie AllStar team last year. It was pretty awesome getting to know a team on and off the court, and a lot of good friends were made out of it. Also Sydney May’s dad called my cousin bald at campus cup and that was pretty funny. Tough choice between the two so I thought I’d put them both down.

Saylor Martian

Hometown: Vernon, BC Program: Animal Health Dodgeball Crush(s): Sou Hirabayashi <3 Favourite Dodgeball Memory: Having Sou Hirabayashi manage my Campus Cup and Dodgefest teams <3

Sou Hirabayashi

Hometown: Yokohama, Japan Program: Kinesiology Dodgeball Crush(s): Mr. Clutch (Moon Man) and girl throwers❤ Favourite Dodgeball Memory: Managing Campus Cup and Dodgefest

Julia Polischuk

Hometown: Victoria, BC Program: Chemical Engineering Dodgeball Crush(s): Ashley Borgel Favourite Dodgeball Memory: Playing campus cup with old 4 Mac ❤

Janelle Owens

Hometown: Olds/Whitecourt AB Program: Elementary Education Dodgeball Crush(s): Scott Hubele Favourite Dodgeball Memory: Putting Schaff in their rightful place (4th) in Allstars last year.

Micheal Fehr

Hometown: Hythe Program: Engineering Dodgeball Crush(s): Sou Hirabayashi, Saylor Martian, MDH Favourite Dodgeball Memory: When Main Kelsey defeated the two Schaffer teams in regular season.

Max Deptuck

Hometown: Calgary Program: Business Economics and Law Dodgeball Crush(s): MY BFFs BROOKE SHERWIN AND WHEELIAM SACUTA Favourite Dodgeball Memory: Getting killed at the line in every game I’ve ever played

Jaki Day

Hometown: Miri, Malaysia Program: Engineering Dodgeball Crush(s): Anyone that can hit Darin Fodor with a shame ball Favourite Dodgeball Memory: The time I hit Darin Fodor with a shame ball

Rhiannon Perry

Hometown: Calgary Program: Arts Dodgeball Crush(s): James “Shameball” Adamson Favourite Dodgeball Memory: Playing with 5 Henday in first year!

Charlotte Aram

Hometown: Cochrane Program: Kinesiology Dodgeball Crush(s): Ghostbuster Favourite Dodgeball Memory: When I got my PB of being hit in the head five times in a game

Jalyse Haluszka

Hometown: Breton Alberta Program: BSc General Dodgeball Crush(s): Tian Zheng Favourite Dodgeball Memory: One time I killed Simran in a 2v2. Just sayin.

Stuart Orr

Hometown: North Vancouver Program: Economics Dodgeball Crush(s): Bradley from 9H (and Adnan) Favourite Dodgeball Memory: Going to the Mar after a dodgeball loss

Dylan Boryskiewich

Hometown: Brandon, Manitoba Program: Psychology Dodgeball Crush(s): Zach Wiens Favourite Dodgeball Memory: Winning B Division in Campus Cup this year with Balls Back

Eddie Longeway

Hometown: Springbank, Alberta Program: Engineering Dodgeball Crush(s): “My dodgeball liaison is my LDL crush because she got me into dodgeball and is super cool and stuff” – Carly Kay Favourite Dodgeball Memory: Becoming deaf because of Carlein Kay’s yelling


Hometown: Some lab in Russia Program: Tossing Muffins Dodgeball Crush(s): Myself Favourite Dodgeball Memory: Winning 2v2s in Skills Comp last year and not dying whatsoever

Nick Cornell

Hometown: West Kelowna, BC Program: Science Dodgeball Crush(s): Brianna Ray and Caelan Libke Favourite Dodgeball Memory: Beating 8K 4-1 to start our 6 game win streak

Wyatt Carlson

Hometown: Ardrossan, AB Program: General Sciences Dodgeball Crush(s): Those nice big red balls Favourite Dodgeball Memory: Playing in Campus Cup and meeting a bunch of new people

Calvin Chen

Hometown: Calgary Program: Mechanical Engineering Dodgeball Crush(s): Janelle Owens Favourite Dodgeball Memory: Accidentally team killing my edge shagger with a shame ball

Kyra Ford

Hometown: North Vancouver Program: Ecology Dodgeball Crush(s): Renae Shewan Favourite Dodgeball Memory: Waking up in a panic during campus cup because I thought I was missing my game, got all ready and into the hallway before someone asked why I was dressed for dodgeball at 4am

Brennan Schaufert

Hometown: Okotoks, AB Program: Political Science Dodgeball Crush(s): Connor McCallister’s hair Favourite Dodgeball Memory: Winning with Henday last year

Connor McCallister

Hometown: Red Deer AB Program: BSc Stats Dodgeball Crush(s): Anyone who gets winded just by running to the line like myself Favourite Dodgeball Memory: Stepping over the line in my 1v1’s

Caelan Libke

Hometown: Osaka, Japan Program: Honours Paleontology Dodgeball Crush(s): The 5-9K dodgeball team Favourite Dodgeball Memory: Making it to the semi-finals in Campus Cup even though we thought we wouldn’t make it past the first round.

Natasha Silva

Hometown: Coquitlam, BC Program: Business Dodgeball Crush(s): Sasha Gordon and Marky Mark Andrew Aman Favourite Dodgeball Memory: Winning All Stars with the Henday Team last year!

Jasmine Li

Hometown: Yellowknife Program: Mathematics/Economics Dodgeball Crush(s): Jamaine! Favourite Dodgeball Memory: Caelan putting only first years on for a classic game.


Hometown: 10 Mackenzie Quiet floor 2k15 Program: Pre-masters math with a minor in Eng Dodgeball Crush(s): Mackenzie Hart SRA of Schaffer Favourite Dodgeball Memory: pretending to nap in the caf in order to avoid going to dodgeball in first year, and look where it has brought me now bishes  #ad

Eric Sadoway

Hometown: Calgary, Alberta Program: Engineering Dodgeball Crush(s): My liaison/cousin, Matt Miller aka Uncle Rico Favourite Dodgeball Memory: Dying high…

Mathew Miller

Hometown: Lloyminster Program: General sciences psychology major Dodgeball Crush(s): My first year/cousin Eric Sadoway, aka Ricky the Bastard Favourite Dodgeball Memory: Watching Gundy (my first year liaison) destroy teams single handedly

Peter Grimm

Hometown: Revelstoke, BC Program: Kinesiology/Education Dodgeball Crush(s): Matt Miller Favourite Dodgeball Memory: Getting team killed by Kaylin Kim

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