Meet Your AllStars : Henday

Mitch Bartrem

Hometown: Toronto, ON Program: Political Science Dodgeball Crush(s): Joe Kruis Favourite Dodgeball Memory: Winning JP cup with 7-10 Henday, but only because every time Joe Kruis pulled me, it made me feel special inside.

Kevin Roszell

Hometown: St. Albert, A.B. Program: Faculty of Killing Doctors Dodgeball Crush(s): Haley Blair (3S) Favourite Dodgeball Memory: Winning Dogfest.

Matthew Luzentales-Simpson

Hometown: Yes Program: Biological Sciences Dodgeball Crush(s): My liaison from first year. She’s a 12/10 😍 Favourite Dodgeball Memory: Having lots of fun on a mediocre team in first year

Sarmandeep Bhullar

Hometown: New Delhi Program: Not VP-Internal Dodgeball Crush(s): Allie, Cole, Griff Daddy, Han, Hayley, Jenna, John, Jordan, Justin, Kara, Kayley, Kenny, Kev, Kim, Marissa, NEO-Leo, NOT MY PREZ, Long Nich, Steph, Nicole, Nolan, Saveena, Scotty Hubelelelele, Sushant, TomBstone, Tian Ma, Tyler Zheng, Jennaie,  LEFTARMSTRONG, and BAE ISHIDA Favourite Dodgeball Memory: I grabbed two balls tight, then got face shot and it got stuck in my beard…..Also, all the times the 5th Pillar of dodgeball took the L whenever we played.

Jorge Marquez Peralta

Hometown: Swift Current, SK Program: Engg Dodgeball Crush(s): Elwin Shen? Favourite Dodgeball Memory: 2-3H vs MDH

Rhea Sorensen

Hometown: Yes Program: Maybe Dodgeball Crush(s): Probably Favourite Dodgeball Memory: Definitely

Elwin Shen

Hometown: Lazytown Program: Showing up late to LDLPA Meetings Dodgeball Crush(s): The execs for putting up with my antics Favourite Dodgeball Memory: When I got my first kill last week. Thought it would never come

Tyler Gambles

Hometown: Calgary Program: Engineering Dodgeball Crush(s): All the Long Nick’s Favourite Dodgeball Memory: Competing in dodgefest even though I wasn’t on the strongest team. I had so much fun being able to play with all of them.

Nicholas Thomas James Thomson

Hometown: Calgary Program: Business Dodgeball Crush(s): 1. Myself 2. Han and Zach Favourite Dodgeball Memory: Winning speedball in Skulk

Gabriel Ignatius Ferreira

Hometown: Jasper Program: Psychology Dodgeball Crush(s): Speedball Champ Kyle Nickel Favourite Dodgeball Memory: Winning Speedball

Clara Kim

Hometown: 4H Program: Who Knows Dodgeball Crush(s): The LDL Execs Favourite Dodgeball Memory: When the LDL Execs wrote my bio

Everett Stewart

Hometown: Calgary,  AB Program: Mechanical Engineering Dodgeball Crush(s): Vac Daddy Favourite Dodgeball Memory: Coming back as a liaison and teaching my first years about the wonders of dodgeball

Jaydon Schultz

Hometown: Slave Lake Program: Business Dodgeball Crush(s): Sim Favourite Dodgeball Memory: Keeping the bench warm for Simran

Téa Miyanaga

Hometown: Taber, Alberta Program: Major Biology, Minor Psychology Dodgeball Crush(s): The entirety of 5 Henday, and also BDT Favourite Dodgeball Memory: Playing 2 v 2 with my bff Kevin Roszell during first year, picking my team’s nicknames in second year, and winning dodgefest this year.

Madison Chevalier

Hometown: Fort St. John, BC Program: Bachelor of Science with a major in Chemistry Dodgeball Crush(s): Téa Miyanaga Favourite Dodgeball Memory: My twin stepping on the line and then the other team’s doctor trying to pull her to their side.

Bobbie-Ann Craig

Hometown: Fairview Program: BSc in Psychology, Business Minor Dodgeball Crush(s): Andrew Tarves Favourite Dodgeball Memory: Playing on Schmidt Livestock Inc. for Dodgefest and getting to say that amazing chant before every game. Hell yeah brother!

Alexa Bricker

Hometown: Didsbury Program: Biology Dodgeball Crush(s): Bobbie-Ann<3 Favourite Dodgeball Memory: Playing doctor against caitlyn in the 6-7 bury the hatchet

Shamus Logan Kidd

Hometown: Brooks, AB Program: Engineering Dodgeball Crush(s): Kevin Roszell Favourite Dodgeball Memory: Face shotting two guys at the line trying to protect the doctor

Alexis Jones

Hometown: ? Program: ?? Dodgeball Crush(s): ???! Favourite Dodgeball Memory: !

Victoria Li

Hometown: China Jiangxi Province Nanchang Program: Nutrition and Food Science Dodgeball Crush(s): Shuwei Shi Favourite Dodgeball Memory: Face shots

Nicholas Horne

Hometown: 8H Program: Mechanical Engineering Dodgeball Crush(s): Carol Zhang Favourite Dodgeball Memory: Entering the playoffs last year as an underdog team and managing to put together a victory in the first round

Tav Humphries

Hometown: Calgary Program: It’s complicated (Tourism Management) Dodgeball Crush(s): Obviously my “Sister Wife #1” Favourite Dodgeball Memory: Being the assassin and accidentally killing myself because obviously I don’t know dodgeball rules.

Catherin Ross

Hometown: Fort St. John Program: Science Dodgeball Crush(s): Baby Bowie is really cute can someone give me his number? Favourite Dodgeball Memory: Dodging, ducking, dipping, diving, and dodging. And shagging.

Jayson McCarthy

Hometown: Okotoks Program: Bachelor of Arts Dodgeball Crush(s): Long Nick Favourite Dodgeball Memory: Getting my first team kill

Mikayla Just

Hometown: Calgary Program: Design Dodgeball Crush(s): Sister Wife #2 is #1 in my heart! <3 Favourite Dodgeball Memory: Getting hit in the face and possibly dislocating my jaw…

Declan O’Flaherty

Hometown: Program: Arts Dodgeball Crush(s): McConnel Favourite Dodgeball Memory: McConnel saving me in doctor when I stepped on the line.

Adam Bowie

Hometown: Fort St John Program: Arts Dodgeball Crush(s): Catherin (the rocket) Ross Favourite Dodgeball Memory: Shout out to my fan you know who you are.

Alex Feng

Hometown: Calgary Program: Civil Engineering Dodgeball Crush(s): Tanner Costley Favourite Dodgeball Memory: Learn about Almond

William Wirawan

Hometown: Calgary, Ab but born in Jakarta, Indonesia Program: Business Dodgeball Crush(s): Teagan Evans, Brendan Samek (I was threatened) Favourite Dodgeball Memory: Being on 3-4k and having intense games vs 5-12S

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