Allstar Tournament

The AllStar tournament is a week-long celebration of the Lister Dodgeball League and everything it is to Lister. Although there was an AllStar game in the inaugural year of the LDL, it was not until Michael Janz, Matt Reid, and Lisa Dockman created the tournament style competition we see today that the AllStar tournament took form. The first AllStar game was held during the inaugural 03-04 season with two teams, Henday-Kelsey (Original Lister) and Mackenzie-Schaffer (Afterthought Lister), battling it out over a best of five matches weekend. With the changes Dockman, Reid and Janz intriduced in the 04-05 season, the AllStar tournament began it’s evolution into the week-long celebration we see now.

Today, towers select 29 individuals to best represent themselves and put them against each other over one week for the highly coveted Dockman-Reid-Janz AllStar trophy. AllStar meetings emerged in the 06-07 season to better involve the towers in the decision process. Prior to their introduction, it was the responsibility of the Officiating Executive to make the final decision on who would be placed in their tower’s roster.

The tournament begins with the Skills competition which introduces Lister Hall to their AllStar teams, with each team performing their cheer. Moreover, the teams face off in 2v2, accuracy, hardest throw, corner, and fastest to the line mini tournaments.

For the rest of the week, teams compete in a round robin, receiving their seeding for the playoffs. Each night, all four teams face off in the David Tuckey.

The AllStar tournament showcases the best of the best in the league! Players are chosen to represent their respective towers based on the Four Pillars of dodgeball:

Sportsmanship, Teamwork, Love of the game, Skill

In the words of former Executive Bill Pickering,

“All Stars is all about getting involved and showing your pride. It really doesn’t matter whether or not you are selected to represent your tower. The league’s motto is “Dodgeball is Everything to Everyone.” Living in Lister, I don’t have to tell you how true that is. Whether or not you are on the court representing your tower, sitting in the crowd painted in blue, wearing your “Here Comes the Boom” shirt, shaving a Mohawk, or memorizing words to “Go to Church” — however you like to show your pride, take the time to get involved!”