Executive TEAM

Operations Executive

Mathew Johnson

Hey everyone! My name is Mathew Johnson (but call me Matt) and I am the Operations Executive for the 2016-2017 season. I’m in charge of making the schedule for the LDL, maintaining/changing the rule book, and working with all the great liaisons to make the league the best it can be. On top of that, I also help run the Lister Dodgeball League Players Association, which everyone in the league is a part of, and their meetings. So if you’re interested in dodgeball and want to see some of the behind-the-scenes stuff, ask your liaisons about coming to one of our meetings.

I was born and raised in a small Albertan town just north of Calgary called Didsbury before coming to Edmonton and the UofA for school. I’m going in to my 4th and hopefully last year of by Bachelor of Science Specializations in Biochemistry. I lived in Lister for my first 2 years of school, living on 3K my first year (go 3-8K!) and 8H my second year (go 5-8H!). After moving out of Lister I continued to be a part of the league by becoming a Head Referee. If you ever want to talk about anything dodgeball related or just want to talk shoot me an email at [email protected], swing by the LDL office, or come watch a dodgeball game with me (I basically live in the Tuckey during dodgeball)!

Officiating Executive

Deborsi Hazarika

Hello friends! My name is Deborsi and I am the Officiating Executive for the 2016-2017 season. A big part of my job is to hire, train and maintain the Head Referee team and to make sure games are refereed to the highest standard. Another aspect of my job is to handle discipline throughout the league and maintain sportsmanship as the highest pillar of the Lister Dodgeball League. I grew up in the small town on the North Eastern part of India before moving to Edmonton in 2012. I spent my first year on 9 Kelsey, returned as an RA on 7 Mackenzie, and then returned again as an SRA for Mackenzie Hall in 2014-15 where I spent a glorious year on 1 Mackenzie! My final year in Lister was spent on 7 Schäffer!

I started working with the LDL as a Head Referee back in 2014 and continued my employment with the league as the Web and Network Administrator in 2015! This year, I am back to be your Officiating Executive because I simply cannot get enough of this crazy game! If you have any questions about anything league related, dodgeball related or just about life in general, shoot me an email at [email protected] or feel free to swing by the office or talk to me in person! Cheers and I look forward to meeting you all. Best of luck on the court!

External Executive

Ilya Ushakov

Hello! My name is Ilya Ushakov and I am your External Executive this year. My job for the year entails all sorts of fun stuff, like merchandise, tournaments and public relations items. I will be mainly in charge of growing our positive reputation and image and showcasing how great our league is to the public and to you guys as well, facilitating many charitable and fun events! I am also the main point of contact for the LDL, so if anyone has any inquiries, questions or suggestions about the Lister Dodgeball League feel free to shoot me an email!
My journey into the Dodgeball Life is quite simple. I was born in Novosibirsk, Russia and came to Canada when I was ten years old. I decided to attend the University of Alberta and am now in my fourth year completing my Science Bachelor, specifically Chemistry Major and Math Minor. I’m basically acquiring my Lister Degree. I started out my Lister life on 8K as a spoon, then I was a manatee and an RA on 7K, and was supposed to be on MK as VP Kelsey, but due to the suspension of the LHSA I was put on MDH where I grew to love the Cock. I am not in Lister this year, but I’ll be here lots so if you see me around do not hesitate to say hello!

Now I guess I should tell you a bit about myself as well. I absolutely love TV shows, I have seen many, some of my favorites are The Newsroom, West Wing, and Sense8, so feel free to come talk to me about those. I’m also a superhero geek, and I love both DC and Marvel and am just happy they are releasing more and more content. I’ve worked at a dog kennel and the Humane Society and absolutely love dogs, so if you have puppers please bring them to the office for me. In general I’m here to make your dodgeball and Lister experience as fun and exciting as it can be, so if you ever want to put on a fundraiser, tournament, or just need someone to chat with feel free to shoot me an email ([email protected])! I look forward to meeting each and everyone of you!

Finance Executive

Evan Gerrard

Hey everyone! I am Evan Gerrard, the Finance Executive for the LDL. I deal with all of the monetary needs regarding the LDL. This includes budgeting, collection of registration, spending decisions and more! Any questions regarding these topics can be brought directly to me and I would be happy to answer them. For a little bit about myself, I was born in Grande Prairie, Alberta but soon after ended up in Calgary. I lived in Calgary almost exclusively until coming to the U of A to begin my journey as a student. Originally in the faculty of Engineering, I soon found myself a student in the faculty of Business after a few too many nights spent at the wonderful Donair shop across the street. However, joining the faculty of Business has been one of the best things to happen to me and allows me to be in the current position as your LDL Finance Exec! My three years in Lister had me bouncing around from 8 Henday to 6 Kelsey till my final hoo-rah on 5 Schaffer. Dodgeball has been a very important part of my overall residence experience and I am happy to continue that connection through the Executive position. Despite sometimes rockin’ a resting bitch-face I am usually a nice person and love chatting about dodgeball, the LDL and pretty much anything else you can think of, so please feel free to come say hi to me! For more serious inquiries beyond a simple hello, you can always send me an email at [email protected] or even message me on Facebook if that’s more your style. Other than that I have nothing else to say other than I’m looking forward to another great year of dodgeball. Cheers!