The Lister Dodgeball League

A little more than a decade ago, Jon Paul had an idea that would eventually come to define Lister and establish a culture unique to our residence. The idea was to create a co-ed recreational league that would provide a weekly stress outlet, physical workout, and form the conditions for increased inter and intra floor-bonding. Jon Paul had no idea about the magnitude of the juggernaut he had just created.

Today, the Lister Dodgeball League is one of the largest dodgeball leagues in North America. Based out of the David Tuckey Gym, the league provides a fun and recreational outlet for the residents of Lister Hall, located on the University of Alberta’s North Campus, with the goal of providing an equal opportunity for all residents to play. With an annual registration of over 1500 players, the league includes about 85% of all Lister residents. Teams are made up of players from the same floor(s) and the number of teams in the league varies per season. The league will be entering it’s fifteenth year this season.

The dodgeball season consists of the Seeding tournament, the Regular season, an AllStar tournament and the Playoff tournament. The LDL also works with the Students’ Union to provide a campus-wide dodgeball tournament, Campus Cup, open to all university students near the end of the Fall semester. Moreover, the LDL works with the Lister Hall Student’s Association to organize the annual Dodgefest tournament.

The LDL has also been involved as one of the key organizers in the university’s last two successful world breaking dodgeball games, Break the Record.